Due to the complexity of modern medical equipment, our experience indicates that a Medical Equipment Manager plays a vital role on the Owner's project management team. Northstar's expertise brings added project value to the Owner because of our clear understanding of the roles, responsibilities and communication necessary for an effective medical equipment planning and management process.

  • Assurance the right team members are on board from day one
  • Continuous collaboration between the design disciplines and medical equipment regarding design, schedule and costs
  • Close medical equipment coordination with building design
  • Predicting and preventing most problems before they occur

Northstar employs Medical Equipment Specialists on staff and available as a defined role on the Owner’s project management team. Our Specialists have high interaction with client personnel and organization leaders. They focus on managing the development and implementation of clinical/non-clinical project-related medical equipment, while following the proven process of planning, design, purchasing, delivery and installation, and close-out.