Mercy Proton Therapy Addition

Northstar serves as the Program Manager/Owner’s Representative on the Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital South.  The Mercy Proton Therapy Addition is a 17,560 square foot addition on the current David C. Pratt Cancer Center and related site work to support Proton Therapy Radiation Oncology Services.  The project includes reception gallery, patient intake, (4) exam rooms, men’s and women’s locker rooms, multiple physician and physics team offices, an anesthesia prep and recovery room, and the patient treatment area of the proton vault itself.

Proton therapy uses high-energy beams of protons to precisely deliver radiation to a tumor, reducing or eliminating unwanted radiation exposure to surrounding, healthy tissue. There are only 37 proton centers in the United States, and Mercy will make this option available for patients pursuing both research options and traditional clinical care.

The project team of Mercy, McCarthy Builders, OWH Architects, Northstar and MEVION Treatment Systems were the first and only team to date to deliver this highly technical build on schedule and under budget!


Dan Cates, Project Principal; Chris Viviano, Project Director;  Shawn Bailey, Senior Project Manager


Total Project Budget: $33.5 Million
Construction Budget: $11 Million
Medical Equipment Budget: $20.5 Million

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