Visitation Academy

Visitation Academy identified a need to review the current use of all their buildings, while also evaluating their aging infrastructure. They engaged Northstar in 2019 to serve as their Program Manager/Owner’s Representative to facilitate their long-range planning efforts and guide the Building Ground Committee through the functional program process.

The information gathered during this initial phase served as the foundation for the phased renovation of the existing facility. As a result of this effort, Visitation Academy was able to confidently begin their capital campaign, and ultimately release the design for several of their future projects, including relocating the middle school, and renovating the upper school classrooms. The scope of work includes creating larger classrooms that are better equipped for the flexible furniture and AV technologies that students and faculty need for experiential learning, as well as replacing the aged infrastructure with new state of the art systems.

Ken Cates, Project Principal; Chris Gocal, Project Director; Kimberly Paulek, Project Manager

Total Project Budget: $29 Million