Hospital Sisters Health System - St. Elizabeth's Hospital Medical Equipment Planning

Belleville, IL
Medical Equipment Management
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Prior to Northstar's involvement, the equipment budget was established with the intent to purchase all new equipment with no intended reuse. Through Northstar's equipment planning process, it was discovered that the budget would not support the desired intent. The team identified the challenge of how to incorporate and move a mixture of new and re-use equipment while adhering to budget constraints but also be able to provide an optimal patient experience.


In order to align cost with the established equipment budget, Northstar initiated the process to review all equipment items that met the criteria of (1) being in good condition, (2) having usable life, and (3) supported by the vendor. Through an innate knowledge of equipment and technology, applicable to current industry trends, as well as the process expertise to lead the client through available scenarios, Northstar was able to align the equipment cost with the established equipment budget, as well as provide an optimal patient experience for the new facility.