Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School STEM + C4C Building

Ladue, MO
Education | 65,001 - 350,000 Square Feet | $10.1 Million to $50 Million
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The challenge for this project was to replace the 50-year-old existing classrooms with a learning environment that was conducive to the new curriculum. Construction activities on an active school campus demand special attention to safety, coordination of utility interruptions, and construction interference with ongoing school activities. Safety of the students, staff, and visitors is paramount.


Northstar was instrumental in selecting the MICDS project team and providing team leadership throughout the project to ensure project goals and objectives were achieved. Northstar led logistic meetings with MICDS, the contractor and design team, to identify specific construction safety provisions to ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors. Design check points were established, to review and confirm adherence to project goals and objectives, including budget, schedule, and constructability.