SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital NICU/PICU Renovation

St. Louis, MO
Medical Equipment Management | 65,001 - 350,000 Square Feet | $10.1-$50 Million
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Timely coordination of all equipment purchases for the multiple sub-projects was a significant challenge. This project consists of more than 20 sub-projects to free space needed to renovate and expand the existing NICU and PICU departments. These smaller projects were tightly sequenced to maintain schedule. Equipment and other Owner furnished items needed close coordination to ensure the schedule was met and departments could relocate in an efficient manner.


Northstar created an overall project schedule outlining the complex project and overlapping phases. The overview schedule was important to maintaining communication and timing of the many ongoing projects across the entire project team. In addition, Northstar worked closely with the construction manager to ensure equipment deliveries were properly received and deployed to the appropriate departments as needed.