Central Institute for the Deaf - School and Research Facility

Washington University Medical Center Campus
Education | 0 - 65,000 Square Feet | $10.1 Million to $50 Million
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The design team was challenged to develop and manage a concept for a new school and research facility project to meet a $30 million approved budget. The project included a new school for the deaf with 18 classrooms that met the historical nature of the campus' original 1920's buildings. Two years of effort led to the development of concept designs that would cost between $40 - $50 million, an amount which was $10 - $20 million in excess of the approved budget.


After two years, when it became apparent that the plans developed by the original design team did not meet the $30 million target objective, Ken Kadel was hired, and within 30 days, and through an ability to successfully partner with other professionals (architects, general contractors, etc.) , re-programmed the project, developed a new budget and met the client’s needs. Northstar was formed to help the client complete the ultimate desired construction. By continuously monitoring the design process to ensure conformance with the Owner's needs, schedule and budget, Northstar managed the process to complete the project on budget and on schedule.