The Chase Park Plaza - The Chase Park Plaza Hotel & Private Residences

St. Louis, MO
Public | Greater Than 350,001 Square Feet | Greater than $50 Million
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This project involved the renovation of one million SF, to include existing hotel rooms, conference and meeting rooms, restaurants, lobbies, a concrete parking structure, and reconstruction of 86 individually customized luxury condominiums for direct purchase. The project challenge was to complete the renovation and reconstruction of this treasured St. Louis landmark while retaining the historical architecture of the property. In addition, the facility was to remain open during construction.


By facilitating weekly coordination meetings with the Owner, Architect and Constructor, Northstar led the design and construction effort to ensure timely decision-making on the part of the Owner/Developer, as well as with the 86 individual property owners. Northstar implemented a design customization team that met with each potential condominium buyer and developed custom floor plans for each unit. The custom designs were priced by the general contractor and reviewed by Northstar prior to presentation to the Owners.