City Academy - New Private Grade School Facility

St. Louis, MO
Education | 0 - 65,000 Square Feet | $0 - $10 Million
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In order to establish a new private grade school, the Owner's initial challenge involved the renovation of an existing warehouse or construction of a new school building. Once the determination was made to construct a new building, the next challenge was to design and build a new 50,000 GSF school on an old warehouse site that had significant contaminants.


Northstar led a process to evaluate the existing facility, which led to the decision that a new facility would be more economical and functional. Under Northstar's management, the site was successfully abated and the project was completed on schedule, ensuring that the new school opened in time for the first day of school in August 2004. Additionally, the project was completed under budget, despite a difficult and challenging project site.