City of Eureka Recreation Center

Eureka, MO
Public | 0 - 65,000 Square Feet | $0 - $10 Million
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This project faced challenges associated with meeting divergent goals of the community stakeholder representatives. The project team needed to identify these goals and provide cost-effective solutions for the City of Eureka.


Northstar managed the initial project programming effort to ensure the space plan met the client's operational needs. Northstar assisted by conceptually providing a building size that could be accommodated within the project budget. The programming effort identified space needs and provided a method to gain agreement on mandatory project needs. It also helped prioritize the desired items in a manner that allowed the design team to determine best uses for space. Northstar helped organize the list of program elements, associated space requirements, and costs. This process made it easier for the Board to discuss each option, putting those options in a menu-style format, which allowed the Owner to determine wants vs. needs and stay within the pre-determined budget. The end result was formally presented to the Board for approval.