Logan College of Chiropractic & University Programs New Education Wing

Chesterfield, MO
Education | 0 - 65,000 Square Feet | $0 - $10 Million
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The new Logan Education Wing encompassed 13,000 SF of building addition, and an additional 4,000 SF of renovation to the existing lobby and commons areas. The Assessment Center, located on the first floor, was designed to refine the students' clinical experiences by connecting them with the latest diagnostic testing, reasoning, and assessment tools and providing a window into the students' clinical performance. The construction of the new addition had to occur while school was in session as the Logan curriculum is a trimester program with little down time.


Northstar facilitated disruption planning meetings with admissions staff, facility engineers, general contractor/subcontractors, and architects, to anticipate impacts to the students' learning experience. The team identified potential impacts and developed fallback solutions should such problems arise during construction. The classrooms, lecture halls, student clinic, and outpatient clinic all remained fully operational during construction.