Logan College of Chiropractic - Logan Student Center

Chesterfield, MO
Education | 0 - 65,000 Square Feet | $0 - $10 Million
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Renovation of 6,400 SF in busiest portion of the primary classroom wing which serves hundreds of students and staff (including the main corridors, entrances and restrooms) without any disruption or displacement of a year-round academic program.


The first task Northstar did was to organize and facilitate a process which placed an emphasis on logistic and phase planning. This was started and integrated simultaneously with the design process. Furniture/Furnishings planning and procurement were also advanced early in the design to allow delivery to meet the phasing schedule, which was critical to making early phase areas available for use and avoid academic program disruptions. Each evolution of the design solution was tested against the logistic plan at the same time that budget compliance was verified. This prevented late-stage design revisions or material re-selections, which would have unraveled the logistic/phasing planning. The result was the completion of the project on schedule and below budget without disruption/displacement of the college's academic programs.