Mercy Rogers Bridge Connector

Rogers, AR
Specialty Projects
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This project involved a new enclosed bridge between an existing Medical Office Building (MOB) and hospital, with different Owners, in order to provide cardiology patients a direct route from the cardiology cath lab (hospital) to the cardiology clinic (MOB). Three distinct and separate challenges occurred: (1) Unique contract/lease amendment that needed to be translated to all design and construction contracts; (2) The second floor elevation between the MOB and hospital floors were off and needed to be integrated in the design; (3) An emergency exit was located in the construction zone and needed to ensure all life safety codes were maintained.


Northstar led the effort to utilize the proper contracts with unique lease amendments while ensuring no delay to design or construction. Working closely with both Owners and the design team, Northstar ensured that the final design integrated the differing floor-to-floor elevations and maintained all current life safety. This was accomplished by designing the building tie-in at the MOB around the emergency exit while maintaining the organization's design standards.