Ronald McDonald House Charities - Ronald McDonald House

Springfield, IL
Public | 0 - 65,000 Square Feet | $0 - $10 Million
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Ronald McDonald House had a number of high priority objectives for this project that included the creation of an ADA-compliant visible entrance; modernize the decor to embrace warmth and comfort; reconfigure the layout to better utilize space and improve flow. The challenge was to accomplish these with a minimal budget and anticipate unexpected renovation challenges that did not impact the final budget.


Northstar began by identifying all desired objectives and estimated costs for each. Working with the team, these objectives were then prioritized and options for cost savings were considered. Costs for each objective were total costs (not just construction) and included an appropriate contingency for renovation-type work. This process ensured that the most important objectives would be included in the project, as well as budget certainty prior to beginning actual construction. As a result, the project achieved optimal value, incorporated all objectives, and was completed on time and on budget.