St. Patrick Center - Project BEGIN

St. Louis, MO
Public | 0 - 65,000 Square Feet | $0 - $10 Million
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The project consisted of renovating the fourth and fifth floors while the lower floors remained occupied and in operation. Construction access to the top floors was limited to the freight elevator at the loading dock. The dock had a very tight schedule with deliveries, public donations and homeless services (lunch and dinner lines), providing minimal open time for construction deliveries/freight elevator access. In addition, the project scope included an upgrade to all three elevators that had to be coordinated around one another to maintain multiple means of access to all floors, including coordination for the construction access.


Through weekly construction meetings with the end user, contractors and other vendors, Northstar orchestrated the coordination of the construction access to the site while maintaining appropriate hours of operation at the dock for services that St. Patrick Center provides to the homeless. Northstar ensured the review of scheduled events and calendars and provided daily updates to the client so that correct time frames were met for all parties. In addition, Northstar was able to develop the elevator upgrade schedule with input from the employees and construction crews in order to remain on schedule and retain services to the homeless through meals, donations and deliveries.