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Daniel Cates

Assistant Project Manager

Daniel joined the Northstar team in March 2020, bringing valuable knowledge and insight gained from his background in accounting. Daniel’s experience includes serving as an Accounting Analyst as a direct report to the CFO of a banking and mortgage organization, as well serving as an Accounting Specialist at a Credit Union League Holding Company. In his role as Assistant Project Manager, Daniel is responsible for supporting the project team with overall project budget and schedule tracking, construction administration, coordination of Owner direct purchases, occupancy/relocation planning, and project close-out.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Drake University, Des Moines, IA
Double Major in Business Management and Accounting


“My education and experience in accounting have provided me with a strong foundation for tracking and reporting on activities, regardless of industry. I have learned how to accurately analyze operations and report on finances, allowing me to provide leadership with the valuable information needed to make informed decisions.”