Chris Viviano Appointed to the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery Board of Directors

Congratulations to Chris Viviano on his appointment to the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery Board of Directors! We are truly proud of Chris’ involvement with this wonderful organization whose vision is “ensure that every child can live in a safe and loving home in which they can thrive and reach their full potential”.

Chris was first introduced to the Crisis Nursery while helping with a bathroom renovation at the Crisis Nursery Centene Center. “While working on the project, I couldn’t help but notice the dedicated Crisis Nursery Staff. They were caring for the children as if they were their own. The team provided an immediate safe, and loving home for the kids. I knew this was an organization I wanted to become more involved with,” said Chris. “I support the Crisis Nursery quite simply to help keep kids safe. The Nursery provides immediate services to children and families in need, as well as ongoing support. Every child deserves a safe and loving home, and I am thrilled to be able to help make that happen!”

For more information on this amazing organization making a difference in the lives of 5,000 children each year, view here