Retrofitting an existing space.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) initially hired Northstar to assist in the development of a new headquarters which included a teardown of their existing building. However, through a thorough assessment and understanding of their wants and needs, our team discovered renovating their existing building would not only be more cost effective but would lend itself better to their future growth.

Cost-effective considerations ensure objectives are met.

Once it was determined that a renovation was better-suited to their future business needs, Northstar led a cost opinion value analysis (COVA) process to allow the team to identify a variety of scope alternatives while prioritizing their impact on the overall business plan. This collaborative exercise validated the budget estimate and allowed them to consider more cost-effective solutions, resulting in a defined scope that met all of their original functional and quality business plan objectives.

To complete the project on time and under budget was evidence of the amazing team effort produced. The Best Practices Award further exemplified the success of this project.

Ryan Hayes, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, AOA

Seamless operations throughout construction.

It was further determined that the facility could be renovated while occupied in lieu of vacating and finding temporary office space during construction. Northstar developed a comprehensive phasing plan that avoided disruptions to ongoing operations without causing any delay in construction activities. Following completion, the project received a 2017 Best Practices Award from the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers in recognition for its exceptional achievement in design and construction cost effectiveness.