Holistic planning of your facility needs.

Functional programming is a critical thinking exercise that we conduct with your team to identify the major planning criteria for all construction (or facility) projects. This becomes the roadmap to success, ensuring outcomes are driven and owned by key stakeholders. We’ve developed tried-and-true processes that help shepherd these large, complex decisions through organizations and multifaceted teams.

Key Goals and Objectives

  • Provide accurate and reliable project information early in the process (scope, cost, schedule)

  • Ensure holistic planning of facility solutions (considering all aspects — organization strategy, business case, workflows)

  • Engage all key stakeholders

  • Allow for good decision making with a long-term view

  • Clearly define the rationale for the project

  • Bring focus to the staff/customer experience while optimizing process efficiencies and utilization of the facility

Key Components

  • Project vision, guiding principles and objectives

  • Operational narratives and transformation process

  • Projected future volumes and business plan

  • Key project assumptions and decisions

Recommended Facility Solutions

  • Space Program

  • Site Master Plan

  • Blocking & Stacking Plans

  • Materials & Systems Narratives

  • Essential Design Elements

  • List of Applicable Codes & Regulatory Requirements

  • Major Equipment, IT and Furniture Needs

  • Project Overview Schedule

  • Cost Opinion and Value Alternative Considerations

Details make the difference.

Our comprehensive process for developing and implementing projects consistently delivers successful project solutions. Through effective communication, attention to detail and collaboration, we guide the project from concept through occupancy.

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