Services We Provide

  • Project Management

    Comprehensive Oversight
    Facilitate Decision Making
    By providing knowledgeable information and recommendations based on years of experience, we help the Owner avoid costly errors through ill-informed decisions as a project moves from planning to occupancy.
    Budgeting and Scheduling (including conceptual estimating information)
    Cost Opinion Value Analysis (COVA) Workshops
    During design, we discuss the Client's needs, in detail, and use our knowledge and experience to present solutions, including alternatives that will accomplish goals within budget.
    Cost Accounting
    We track and review all invoices, and hold team members accountable, to ensure expenses align with provided services and goods.
    Contract Development and Performance
    We help develop consultant contract language (for designers, constructors, etc.) to ensure the scope of services align with the Owner/project needs. Throughout the process, we monitor performance for compliance and adherence to the stated objectives.
  • Team Leadership

    Organize Project Team
    Manage Meetings (schedule, facilitate, agendas, and notes)
    Ensure Collaboration and Effective Communication among the entire project team
    On the Owner's behalf, facilitate all project team activities
  • Specialty Expertise

    Medical Equipment Management
    Master Planning
    Functional Programming
    Includes business plan, operational needs, and assumptions regarding a project's scope of work
    Facility Assessments
    Existing conditions, capacity, etc.
    Occupancy/Move Planning and Implementation
    Analyze/Recommend Appropriate Project Delivery Model to meet your individualized project needs
    Examples: Construction management, design-build, or integrated project delivery
    Healthcare Codes and Standards
    Analyze Facility Impacts to Operational Costs
    LEED and Green Building Consultation
Project costs are greater than bricks and mortar. In addition to sharing our expertise with construction items, Northstar project managers also help Clients ask the right questions about other project expenses such as fees, furniture, furnishings, equipment and information technology. These costs, often not recognized in initial planning, will ultimately impact the bottom line of total project costs.
Often, the most expensive mistakes are only realized after the ceremonial ribbon has been cut, when Owners have not taken into account long-term operational expenses such as utilities and staff efficiency. The decisions made today about a new building will impact future operations. Our expertise gives us the unique ability to look at all aspects of a facility project, and the flexibility of the services we offer allows us to specifically tailor our role to meet each Client's specific needs. Our team has the expertise to participate in any phase of the process.
Trust Northstar to assist with decisions and tasks about planning, design, construction, occupancy, and operational considerations.