Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital - St. Louis

St. Louis, MO
Medical Equipment Management | 65,001 - 350,000 Square Feet | $10.1-$50 Million
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Prior to Northstar's involvement, the project design was complete, but a specific medical equipment/furniture plan did not exist. Assurance the project design would be able to accept the medical equipment and furniture at time of occupancy was a concern. In addition, the developer was responsible for procuring the medical equipment and furniture and, as such, needed an effective process for managing the vendor quotes, purchase orders, receiving, and installation of the products.


Northstar developed a procurement process that included checkpoints prior to issuing the purchase orders. The checkpoints included coordination with design, construction, finance, and executive team to ensure the correct items were purchased. This was an effective process as it mitigated construction changes while meeting the project needs.