Mercy Edmond Modular Clinic

Edmond, OK
Healthcare | 65,001 - 350,000 Square Feet | Greater than $50 Million
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The project was fast-paced and needed to be completed in six months due to the doctor recruitment schedule put in place by the client. The schedule had to incorporate ample time for land lease negotiations, design of civil and modular units, and construction of a greenfield site. In addition, equipment and furniture for Owner move-in had to be ordered. The typical duration to design modular units is 2-3 weeks and must include sufficient time for the permit review by the local AHJs to coincide with the final fabrication of the modular units.


Northstar led the project team, composed of end users, site work and modular unit contractors, vendors and other key players, to identify the critical end date and then develop a schedule to achieve this. Northstar assisted with the entire project schedule, vendor/contractor coordination and communication. Northstar led the schedule creation with buy-in and agreement from all parties. By having buy-in from all project team members before the project started, the team was able to overcome the fast-paced schedule and complete the project on time.