Mercy Health System Signage Evaluation

Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas
Specialty Projects
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This project included a full corporate rebranding at every facility across a seven state area. The project included over 350 sites and more than 2,000 signs. This involved regular, ongoing communication with leadership in all regions/communities, to ensure that the project scope and guidelines, as well as the cultural effect of a system-wide rebranding, were clearly understood. In addition, replacement and installation of signage on current existing buildings over multiple states and municipalities involved extensive research to determine existing building conditions and various code requirements.


Northstar's approach to the project development process respects and understands the need to continually evaluate and understand the client's needs and expectations. Communication with representatives at every facility had to occur before final site signage design and installation could occur. Northstar was able to work with the managers at each facility to confirm design and building conditions. Northstar also worked with various contractors, across several states, to make certain every site was ready to accept the new signage and ensure a timely install. This led to a successful full corporate rebranding in every region and at all facilities.